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Saudi Arabia Foils Suicide Bomb Plot and Breaks Up Spy Ring

Saudi Arabia Dismantled a Spy Ring and the Twittersphere Is Mega Proud

It might sound like something from an action movie rather than something that's been going on right underneath your nose close to home, but Saudi Arabia has made its people proud this morning.

The kingdom dismantled an alleged spy ring, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

As reported by the Associated Press, a statement from the state-run agency said the ring was made up of "Saudis and foreigners" trying to "stir up sedition and prejudice national unity," adding they worked for "the benefit of foreign parties against the security of the kingdom and its interests."

Of course, people on Twitter have been have had a lot to say about the news and most Tweets express how proud they are of the country's great work.

At the same time, in a separate statement, Saudi Arabia also revealed that they'd foiled a suicide bomb attempt on the Defense Ministry offices. The Islamic State (IS) planned to attack two headquarters in capital city Riyadh, however two would-be bombers from Yemen – the country Saudi Arabia has been at war with for the last year – were arrested. Additionally, two Saudis were taken into custody after homemade grenades and suicide bomb belts were discovered. Other weapons and firearms were also confiscated.

Read the Twitter reaction below:

Image Source: Four Seasons Riyadh
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