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Saudi Arabia Lights Up the Sky With Drones For Ramadan

Watch 300 Drones Light Up the Sky in Saudi Arabia For Ramadan

We can all learn a thing or two about celebrating an occasion with aplomb from the people of Jeddah, it seems. On Saturday, the residents put up a spectacular light show over the skies with the help of 300 drones to welcome the Holy Month of Ramadan.

If this reads fancy to you, wait till you see the whole video that was shared by The Arab Times. Around 300 drones were spotted flying over the skies to form a celebratory message for Ramadan, but in Arabic. The message was followed by the authority's emblem displayed in varied colors.

The entire show lasted for about four minutes and included some impressive fireworks. The spectacle drew tremendous applause from the residents as you can see them looking at the display with raptured attention in the video.

We bet you won't be able to stop watching the video. We certainly didn't!

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