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Shiekh Mo is Hiring an Arab Hope Maker

When Will We Meet The Next Arab Hope Maker?

Earlier this year, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced a search for the first "Arab Hope Maker." The person who will fill the position will be tasked with spreading good and improving quality of life in the Arab World, and over 65,000 people applied.

According to Gulf News, the search is part of Sheikh Mo's Year of Giving 2017, and "aims to inspire hope in the Arab region by highlighting heart-warming stories of kindness in communities. The goal is to explore more than 20,000 inspirational stories, and highlight noble humanitarian programmes, projects and initiatives."

Sheikh Mo commented on the program, saying "The hope makers initiative will complement the UAE's Year of Giving, as we want to instill values of charity across the Arab region."

The winner will be announced on May 10, and will be given a Dhs 1 million prize. The application was open to all residents of Arab nations between the ages of five and 95.

Sheikh Mo stressed that the future of the nation is not the responsibility of the government alone, and that the Arab Hope Maker plays an important role in the progress of the nation. "There are people who sponsor orphans, feed the hungry, help needy families, support youth, or those who volunteer to treat patients, impart knowledge, environmental advocates and those who innovate for goodness. All of those are our partners in creating hope in the Arab region," said Sheikh Mohammad.

65,000 people applied for the position, and 12 finalists will go through in-person interviews before the finalist is announced.

We're waiting to see who the new Arab Hope Maker is, but it's just another step the government has take to ensure happiness for residents and visitors alike!

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