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Sister Wedding Performance to Dear Future Husband

These 2 Sisters Surprised the Bride and Groom With a Sweet Remake of "Dear Future Husband"

Sisters everywhere have been bringing their A-game to weddings when it comes to surprise performances, but this pair brought the bride to tears of laughter. Older sister and Matron of Honor, Jessica, and younger sister and Maid of Honor, Brittany recreated Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband" to "Dear Future Brother" for their toast.

"Dear future brother, here's a few things you need to know if you wanna be Alissa's only all her life."

Alissa and Jeremy met almost five years ago on St. Patrick's Day in Chicago. Jeremy and his friends were celebrating at the Cedar Hotel, where Zac Efron was supposedly at. Hearing this, Alissa dragged her friends and sisters to the hotel. "To my dismay, but Jeremy's luck, Zachary Efron was long gone once I got there," Alissa told us. As Jeremy was trying to take in her extremely festive green pants, she whipped around to introduce herself, and the rest is history.

Though we've seen other wedding toasts done in song, this performance was more than special for the Knochel sisters who share an inseparable bond. They all loved to perform since a young age, so Alissa assumed her sisters would be performing their go-to "Hold On" by Wilson Philips. "Little did I know they had dedicated the song to my husband and changed all the lyrics to "dear future brother," which is so fitting because that is exactly what Jeremy has been to them over the past four and a half years," she said. Alissa's cheeks were hurting from smiling so much and even cried from laughing so hard. "My younger sister Brittany even said that seeing my reaction through their song let go of any fears or nerves, and gave her all the confidence to sing her heart out."

See their full song in the video above which ends in a standing ovation.

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