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Skydive Dubai Princess Tower

This Guy Had No Problem Being Dropped Off of Princess Tower...Headfirst

The biggest stuntmen and daredevils in the city head to Skydive Dubai to push the limits of what seems possible. Whether they're jumping out of planes or base jumping off of some of the world's tallest towers, these death-defying feats continue to amaze (and terrify) us.

The latest video from XDubai, though, may just be the scariest yet.

In it, a man is dangled by his feet from Princess Tower, which, at 101 stories, is the tallest residential building in the world.

He's then dropped, and we can see him take a direct plunge straight down. The camera then turns to show two men--presumably the men who dropped him-- laughing and watching as he falls. We assume the laughter means that all ended well, but this is one stunt we're not signing up for anytime soon!

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