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Things Millennials Say

35 Things Only 20-Somethings Say

Let's cut to the chase. Some of these phrases — you know, the ones used by people who grew up with TRL — are pretty annoying. But you can't deny that you say them all the time you've ever said them. Truth is, they're influential, they're part of our everyday lexicon, and many are here to stay. ("Selfie" was 2013's word of the year, after all.) Here we're breaking down the most popular words and phrases that often cause other generations to scratch their heads. Did we leave any out? Let us know in the comments! Seriously.

Source: Lifetime

1. The struggle is real.

"My parents stopped paying my cell phone bill. The struggle is real."

2. Because duh.

"I would cheat on my boyfriend with Ryan Gosling, because duh."

3. Obsessed.

"The new girl at work? Obsessed."

4. Stop it right now.

"You went to the gym four times this week?! Stop it right now."

5. Really tho.

6. Said no one ever.

"Flowers are ugly, said no one ever."

7. YOLO.

"Stop saying YOLO."

8. Wait but why?

"My high school best friend is pregnant. Wait but why?"

9. I just can't/Can't even deal.

"Did you hear there's going to be a Full House reboot? I can't even deal."

10. Sorry I'm not sorry.

"Just letting you know your Instagram feed's about to be full of my vacation photos . . ."

Source: MTV

11. Literally dying.

"Did you see Lupita Nyong'o's dress at the Oscars? Literally dying."

12. Binge-watching.

"Sorry, can't hang tonight. Binge-watching Making a Murderer."

13. LOVE.

"OMG your shoes. LOVE."

14. Srsly.

"That was srsly the best cake I've ever eaten."

15. #THIS.

16. Tinder.

"Nah, she's not my girlfriend. She's just a Tinder."

17. Juicing.

"Ugh it's only my first day juicing and I'm soooo hungry."

18. Hashtag.

"I scored these Prada pumps half off. Hashtag 'blessed.'"

19. What a glasshole.

"He wore them at a bar? What a glasshole."

20. Rude.

"You went to happy hour? Without me?"

Source: NBC

21. Surfboard.

"Then I fill the tub up halfway then ride it with my surfboard." — Beyoncé

22. My phone died.

"Hey, sorry I didn't answer all your texts. My phone died."

23. Do you have any cash?

"Wait, they don't take credit cards at this bar? Do you have any cash?"

24. FOMO.

"My parents are visiting this weekend so please don't post party pictures on Instagram or I'll have some serious FOMO."

25. I know, right?

26. GIF.

"How hilarious is that GIF of Jennifer Lawrence tripping?"

27. Totes.

"I'm totes sick of dating all these losers."

28. Google it.

"You need me to give you directions? Hahahaha Google it."

29. Selfies.

"Ugh he would be so much more attractive if he didn't post so many selfies."

30. Obviously.

"He wants to go on a second date . . . "

Source: NBC

31. Break the Internet.

"Do you think googling 'Google' will break the Internet?"

32. What am I doing with my life?

"I'm nowhere close to where I thought I'd be at this age. What am I doing with my life?"

33. Legit.

"He works at Facebook, so obviously his apartment is legit."

34. Can you not?

"She tagged me in the ugliest photo. I was like, can you not?"

35. I meeeean.

"I meeeean . . . did you see how short her shorts were? Her butt was literally hanging out."

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