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Twitter Reactions to Egypt Qualifying For World Cup 2018

People Are Super Proud to Be Egyptian Today For This Major Moment in Sports History

They haven't been a part of one of the biggest sporting events on the planet since 1990, so it's understandable that Egyptians have gone absolutely bonkers over the goal that led them to qualify for the World Cup on Sunday.

Mohamed Saleh – an Egyptian who plays for Liverpool FC – is a hero today after scoring a penalty five minutes after a regular game would end (thank goodness for the extra stoppage time!) and it meant they beat Congo to the prize to send them to next year's soccer competition in Russia. In the video above, even the commentator has to fight back tears while he explains what's going on and for 44 year-old goalkeeper, Essam El-Hadary, it's a big deal too; it's the first time he's been able to go to the World Cup since making his debut in 1996.

Not only were reactions in the stadium OTT but the Twittersphere has chimed in with their reactions. From the history-making moment played along to the Titanic soundtrack, to cars jamming up the streets, see it all below.

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