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Twitter Reacts to a Woman Who Wore a Short in Saudi Arabia

Twitter Reacts to a Police Hunt For a Woman Who Wore a Short Skirt in Saudi Arabia

Traditionally, women in Saudi Arabia wear a loose-fitting cloak such as an abaya, plus head and face coverings (a hijab and a niqab) in public. And after a video surfaced of a lady, who appeared to be in the Kingdom's Ushayqir village, in a skirt falling above the knees and a top revealing her upper midriff, authorities are trying to track her and the video makers down.

In the Tweet below they wrote: "A spokesman of The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in Riyadh says: the presidency has observed a video of a girl dressed in immodest clothes and has coordinated with the competent authorities."

Local publications are reporting that after the clips were originally shared on Snapchat, outraged social media users are calling for her to be punished for not respecting the culture.

On the flip side, people have shown sympathy and praised her for the bold move, pointing out how Melania and Ivanka Trump dressed while visiting the country earlier this year.

She's not the only one to go against Saudi Arabia's conservative ways. Women have vowed to drive cars in the country, which doesn't allow females to get behind the wheel.

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