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UAE Astronaut Program 2017

A Huge Number of People Have Already Applied to be the First Emiratis in Space

Earlier this year, Sheikh Mo announced plans to send the first team of Emirati astronauts into space.

"We plan to send the first Emirati astronaut to space over the next few years, and starting from today, we are preparing the first Emirati and Arab astronaut to join scientists at the International Space Station," he said in April. "Our objective is to show the world that we are able to contribute to humanity through quality knowledge and scientific discoveries."

Sheikh Mo has continued with his vision, and in November, the application for aspiring astronauts opened to the public.

"On this day, a new chapter in our history begins with the launch of the first UAE Astronaut Programme, dedicated to sending four Emirati Astronauts into space. The people of the UAE will break new barriers; nothing can stand in the way of those who believe nothing is impossible," Sheikh Mo wrote in a Tweet when announcing that the Mohammad bin Rashid Space Center was accepting applications.

"Our ambitious goals are fuelled by dedicated people, who support us until, without hesitation or scepticism, we succeed. I invite young Emiratis to register for the UAE Astronaut Programme through the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre," he continued.

"The most competitive applicants will be selected to be ambassadors for the UAE in space exploration. However, every single Emirati will contribute in his or her own way to the future of the UAE, whether it's on land, or in the skies."

Though the application process just recently opened, over 1,000 people have already applied, proving that young Emiratis are anxious to get the chance to be part of this historic program!

If you're interested in seeing if you have what it takes to be part of the first Emirati team to go into space, applications are still open right here.

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