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UAE President Responds to Cancer Treatment Plea

A Man Asked For Help Funding His Brother's Cancer Treatment and the UAE President Responded

In a moving video, an Emirati man asked for the help of his "generous leaders" to pay for the high cost of cancer treatment for his brother.

His sibling is affected in the lymphatic gland, pharynx, and spine, and with each treatment session in Bangkok, Thailand – where they had been for a month – costing between AED9,000-10,000, it was becoming too expensive for the family.

The man says in his video (where you can see his sick brother lying in bed in the background) that they went to the UAE Embassy in Thailand and despite then sending their papers to the Ministry of Health in the UAE, the family hadn't gotten a response for financial assistance.

He addressed the leaders of the UAE, calling them "generous Sheikhs who never back down from helping anyone in need."

"I would not have posted this video if it wasn't for this sneaky illness, so hopefully this video will reach the generous Sheikhs of the Emirates who will help us for paying for this treatment as it is really, really expensive."

The video was shared on the official channel of the Sheikh and doctor Waseem Yousef, who has 266,000+ subscribers. He also has a show on Abu Dhabi TV named Min'raheek El Eeman (meaning "from inside the heart of faith").

Only two-and-a-half hours later the President of the UAE came to the rescue. The man who originally posted the video then posted another clip saying the office of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, got in touch and agreed to pay for his brother's full treatment, even following up with the doctors themselves. The man thanked the Crown Prince for his generosity and compassion, as well as everyone involved in their case.

Only in the UAE do you hear these heartwarming stories on a regular basis.

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