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UAE Witnesses Mercury Transit Between Sun and Earth on May 9

If You're Feeling Particularly Sluggish Lately... This Could Be Why

If you we're feeling particularly low on energy on Monday, according to astrologists, there's a perfectly good reason why.

Those around the world witnessed the Mercury Transit; seven of hours when the planet could be seen between the Sun and the Earth.

While it's an exciting time for some to witness a rare occasion, others believe the planet causes laziness and is an all-round bit of a downer on this world. To make matters worse for those who believe this sort of thing, Mercury is in retrograde until May 22.

At this time - when it seems the planet is traveling backwards (it's not, it's an illusion) - it's thought important decisions, like signing contracts, are best made when all is back to normal again.

Some say Mercury is the ruler of things like communication and travel, so prepare to argue with friends and be late no matter how much you plan ahead.

But astronomers disagree with the idea that Mercury means bad news for Earth dwellers, according to the Chairman of Adco Astronomy Club, Mohamed Talib Al Salami.

It was a difficult sight to spot but those who saw the smallest planet in the solar system acting a little strange on Monday were part of the lucky set.

Through the dusty conditions, people in the UAE had the opportunity to see Mercury pass the Sun through telescopes and a display screen at the Corniche in Abu Dhabi, set up by the UAE Space Agency.

If you missed it, you'll have to wait until November 2019 to catch it, because the sighting of Mercury's Transit only happens 14 or so times in a century. The last sighting was in 2006 when the planet moved between the Earth and the Sun.

It appeared much like a black dot moving across a ball of fire. The capital of the United Arab Emirates was one of the first cities in the region to experience the phenomenon.

Image Source: POPSUGAR / Glen Giffen
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