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Uber is Giving All of Its Dubai Drivers $500

The Touching Reason Uber Is Thanking This Dubai Driver With $500 Wad of Cash

What would you do with $500 right now? Treat yourself with a trip away or perhaps put it to good use by spending it on something practical? Well, 156 Uber drivers have been fortunate enough to find themselves making the same glorious decision thanks to the company's decision to gave back in the best way.

To thank their partners all over the world for helping them reach 5 billion rides, they dished out the big bucks. Their appreciation extended all the way to Dubai-based driver Sardar Muhammad, who has been with them for about one year (they've been in the emirate four years) and made more than 2,000 trips on behalf of the company.

It's incredible when you think of how fast the ride-sharing app has progressed; they started operating in 2010, by late 2015 they reached 1 billion rides and 2 billion six months later. That number then soared to 5 billion on May 20, 2017.


Image Source: Uber
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