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VIDEO: Americans React to Arab Men on Instagram

Watching Americans Discover Hot Arab Men Will Crack You Up

If you live in the region, you're probably already very aware that the male talent is impeccable. So it's funny to see these Americans exposed for the first time to a range of good-looking faces like Omar Borkan, Saad Lamjarred, Taim Hassan, Wissam Hanna, and Brahim Zaibat (yes, Madonna's ex!).

The video comes from Fomo Daily which is on a mission to "expose people to trends, news, and ideas from subcultures, fanbases, and countries across the globe," and that they certainly do in this new offering.

In the clip, participants seem pretty impressed with the men they're shown on Instagram. Some of Omar's comments include, "How have I never seen this person before and where is he on planet earth hiding from me?" The answer: The United Arab Emirates. Another girl adds," I can't look at his face. It's like I'm gonna get lost in a bad way."

The 26-year-old guy even provokes this reaction: "I think I'm in love a little bit. That happened so fast, it's been like 40 seconds."

If you think that's over-the-top watch the clip to see more hilarious reactions. And there's plenty where that came from… check out more of their videos below.

Image Source: YouTube user Fomo Daily
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