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VIDEO: Woman in Abaya Challenges FC Dubai Soccer Players

This Woman Stuns Spectators on the Streets of Dubai With Her Insane Soccer Skills

It's not often you see an impromptu soccer session break out in the middle of Dubai, but that's exactly what happened in the Emirates' Deira area this week.

Crowds gathered around to see players at Football Center Dubai kick off a bit of audience participation, but jaws began to drop when people in local dress joined in. Although it was pretty stunning to see the men display their incredible ball-playing skills, something else blew spectators away.

The audience certainly didn't expect an abaya-wearing woman to approach the scene, drop her grocery bags and join in the action. You can see from the sheer look of joy on people's faces that her level of skill was a big surprise too. As if seeing it wasn't enough to believe it, several men in the audience volunteered to take on her fancy footwork but couldn't successfully tackle.

While the lady perhaps wasn't even best dressed to play the sport, what they didn't know is that she's actually World Freestyle Soccer Champion, Melody Donchet. With accolades from Superball 2013 and RedBull Street Style 2014, it's no wonder they had trouble defeating her.

Watch the clip to be amazed.

Image Source: Youtube user FCDubai
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