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Video Condones Violence Against Women

This Video Condones Violence Against Women, And People Are Not Happy

Two women, who have been identified as Reem Allouche and Atika Latifi appeared in a video posted by the Women of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia, and they're facing pretty major criticism for their discussion about men as "protectors and maintainers of women."

According to the video's Facebook description, the aim is to provide "an in-depth discussion on the tafsir of Surah An-Nisa:34. It breaks down the ayah so we can understand its meaning and practice without the misconstrued sensationalism."

When the video opens, it does so with a discussion about "differences in traits and characteristics" between men and women. "The man has been made physically strong but also his response time is a little slow. Allah has made [one gender] to excel the other."

"Men have been blessed with certain natural qualities and powers that have not been given to women, or have been given to a lesser degree."

This is when the video becomes more problematic: Buzzfeed explains that
"The Koran suggested "three measures" to deal with wives who had disobeyed Allah or their husbands."

The video goes on to elaborate: "Advise them first; leave them alone in bed; and hit them," Latifi said. "If this doesn't work, then the third measure that is permitted, not obliged, not encouraged, but he is permitted to hit her. And what a beautiful blessing, that he said not to take the steps at the one time, but one after the other.

Islamic community leaders and politicians in Australia have spoken out against the video, and the minister for women, Michaelia Cash, issued a statement: "Attempts to teach the next generation of young Australian Muslims that violence from a husband to a wife is acceptable is completely out of touch with community standards and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms."

It's not the first time the group has come under fire: in 2007, Australia's federal government considered banning Hizb ut-Tahrir, but later decided that it is a political organization, and not a terrorist group.

Watch the controversial video below.

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