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Video: Huge Queues For Emirates Open Day Dubai | April 2018

This Video Proves How Badly People Want to Work For Emirates, and Who Can Blame Them?

Dubai Emirates Cabin Crew Open Day Recruitment 2018. Thousands of people from around the world went to Dubai and apply for flight attendant interview. For those who are aspiring to become cabin crew you may like my page thank you 😍❤ #emirates #cabincrew #interview

Posted by Joanna April on Saturday, April 14, 2018

Emirates held their highly-anticipated Open Day last Friday, at their headquarters in Dubai, and let's just say it was very popular! Usually, their recruitment days are held in key cities and new destination cities so that they can retain crew members that speak a larger variety of languages, The National reports.

And with one taking place in Dubai, thousands of people created lines that went on for miles – anyone could mistake it as a scene from an apocalypse movie.

The video that was shared on Facebook got loads of comments from surprised residents and although we were admittedly shocked by the turnout, we can't say we're surprised so many people want to work for the prestigious airline. The job comes with a lot of benefits.

Aside from traveling to exotic locations, crew members get layover expenses, accommodations taken care of, concessionary tickets (tickets at reduced fare prices), and 30 days of leave per year, among other things, according to their website. The average fixed salary is AED4,260 (and its tax free), with an additional flying pay (you get paid per the number of hours you've flown) of AED58 per hour for an average of 80-100 hours a month. Let's talk numbers. If you get AED58 for every hour you're flying, and you fly between 80-100 hours a month, that's a tax-free salary of around AED9,500 a month.

And has anyone seen what Emirates employees' cards can do? If you work for the airline you get at least 20 percent discount virtually everywhere in the UAE, among other perks. I kid you not. I have Emirate employee friends. That card is almost as good as an AmEx Platinum card.

In exchange, Emirates is looking for certain types of candidates. They must be 21, have at least a high school diploma, be fluent in English (both written and spoken), be able to adapt to new places, new people and new situations, and be physically fit. Oh, also no visible tattoos people – and don't try covering them up with makeup or band aids – that won't fly with the airline, (pun intended). Candidates must be a minimum of 160cm tall and their arm must reach 212cm while standing on their tiptoes. We are guessing this has to do with overhead compartments and safety reasons – it would be kind of weird if a crew member asked you to open the overhead compartment for them because they couldn't reach or pull down a lever or something.

For those who gave up on joining the line on Friday, cheer up; There's another open day on the April 28 at Al Yazi Auditorium, Emirates Aviation College, in Building B (opposite the Dubai Tennis Stadium). Be there in person with one photo of yourself and a CV.

And if you get the job, we want concessionary tickets to anywhere.

Image Source: Emirates
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