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Ways to Show You Love Your Mom

19 Creative Ways to Show You Mom You Love Her

You don't have to buy your mom a huge gift to show her how much you care. Plan an activity or do something unexpextedly sweet that will make her heart swell with joy. Whether your mom is an adventurer, lounger, movie buff, or shopper, we have ideas for every personality type. Check out our ideas and plan something extraspecial!

  1. Set up an at-home spa day for just you and her.
  2. Rent bikes and have a picnic in the park.
  3. Make her a photo album of all of your favorite moments together.
  4. Go to the beach and bring a pitcher of mimosas.
  5. Bring her all of her favorite books from her childhood.
  6. Make her breakfast in bed — and leave the kitchen pristine.
  7. Have a dance party to all the songs you listened to with her when you were younger.
  8. Leave positive little notes all around the house for her.
  9. Pick her a bouquet of wildflowers.
  10. Frame a photo of you two together from your childhood.
  11. Go shopping with her and treat her to lunch.
  12. Give each other fun manicures and predicures.
  13. Go to a flea market together and hunt for cool treasures.
  14. Bake her most favorite cookies.
  15. Help her start her own backyard garden.
  16. Make a set of DIY teabags just for her.
  17. Plan a family game night with the whole crew.
  18. Craft her a hand-made card — bring out the gems and glitter.
  19. Plan your dream mother-daughter trip together and make it happen!
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