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What to Expect in Your 20s

20 Things That Will (Most Likely) Happen to You in Your 20s

Your 20s is a pretty tumultuous, profound time in your life. A lot of changes start to happen, and you watch your friends find their own paths. As you delve deeper into your 20s, there's several life lessons you begin to learn. In fact, you realize that some things will undoubtedly happen to all 20-somethings. Find out what we're all going through during this defining decade.

  1. You actually start to know what you're doing at your job.
  2. Remember when you never experienced hangovers? Well now you do. On the regular.
  3. Also, you actually know what you like drinking, and you order that — instead of a $4 cranberry vodka.
  4. When you get into a serious relationship you find yourself thinking about your future together. Whoa.
  5. You will appreciate your parents more than you ever have.
  6. Weight will get more difficult to maintain as your metabolism slows down.
  7. You consider grad school about a thousand times.
  8. You actually start investing in some quality clothes instead of heading to Forever 21 every time you go shopping.
  9. You realize that acne does not disappear after the teen years.
  10. You worry if you still have enough time to make that crazy move across the country or world.
  11. A few of of your good friends will get married.
  12. And some will have babies.
  13. Suddenly you'll start worrying about your finances.
  14. Staying in on the weekends sounds better and better as the years go on.
  15. You stop calling your mom when you have total meltdowns. Well . . . you don't call as often.
  16. You do things like book club or classes because you actually are interested in the stuff, not because you have to do it for school.
  17. You stop worrying about high school friendships and focus on ones that actually matter.
  18. You start to appreciate your body and wonder why you were so hard on yourself when you were younger.
  19. You realize that you actually have to look after yourself — that means regular doctor and dentist appointments.
  20. You understand that being with the people you love doing something you enjoy is so much more important than everything else.
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