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What Harry Potter Means to Fans

Fans Wrote What Harry Potter Meant to Them, and Their Words Could Conjure an EPIC Patronus

What Harry Potter Means to Fans
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Hilary White

Courage, strength, community, hope — Harry Potter inspires all of this. It's more than just a series; for some, it has influenced their careers, introduced them to the love of their lives, and helped them bond with their own children. For others, Harry Potter has even been a lifeline.

A Celebration of Harry Potter is an event that takes place every year at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, and it's an epic expo of all things Potter. Special guests involved in both the books and movies attend, Butterbeer is consumed in copious amounts, and cosplays of your favorite characters are the most creative you'll ever see. The three-day celebration is hectic, full of happiness, and above all, it's a chance for anyone whose been touched by the series to experience a sense of community that only Harry Potter can create.

One part of the exposition was the Muggle Wall, which invited guests to write what Harry Potter meant to them. I made it through about one passage before I not-so-subtly began to tear up. The heartfelt words speak for themselves. If you're not a fan, it's hard to explain why the books mean so much to us. If you are a fan, no explanation is necessary. Read on for what Harry Potter fans mean to different people around the world.

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