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Which City Has the Longest Fasting Hours?

Which City Will Fast The Longest This Ramadan?

With 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, people in cities from New York to Singapore to Sydney will be fasting for Ramadan this month.

Typically, Muslims must fast from sunrise through sunset, which means that the number of fasting hours greatly differs between cities. If you're fasting in Helsinki, for example, you're going to be fasting for a lot longer than if you're in Cape Town or Jakarta.

Where are Fasting Hours Longest?

Reykjavik: 21.38 hours

Stockholm: 20.46 hours

Helsinki: 20.18 hours

Oslo: 20.14 hours

Kap Farvel: 20.03 hours

Where are Fasting Hours Shortest?

Auckland: 11.16 hours

Buenos Aires: 11.24 hours

Cape Town: 11.27 hours

Sydney: 11.28 hours

Santiago: 11.29 hours

What are Fasting Hours in The Middle East?

A more complete list of cities can be found here, and fasting hours for major cities in the region can be found below.

Riyadh: 13.08 hours

Abu Dhabi: 14.58 hours

Cairo: 15.46 hours

Beirut: 16.03

Damascus: 16.04 hours

Tunis: 16.25

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