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Who Is Hurt Bae?

Meet "Hurt Bae," the Woman Who Broke the Internet For Her Emotional Convo With Her Cheating Ex

When one woman confronted her ex-boyfriend about his infidelity, the couple's entire interaction went utterly viral. A video tweeted by The Scene stars Kourtney and Leonard, a couple somehow civilly discussing the impact of unfaithfulness on their relationship. In the emotional clip, the two sit across from each other to hash out what went wrong along the way — with a little dramatic music in the background, of course. (Seriously, this is the kind of stuff you hear in soap operas, people.)

The nearly seven-minute video takes us through their rocky relationship, from the blissful beginnings of reuniting in an elevator to Kourtney's shocking discovery of Leonard's unfaithful ways. The woman describes how a lack of trust in her now ex-boyfriend led her to search through his phone's text messages, which revealed messages from other women. She fights back tears as Leonard casually sits back in his chair, explaining that he was unable to fully commit to her simply because he "didn't want to."

Then Kourtney drops the big question: "How many times did you cheat on me?" she asks. He fumbles over his words, finally saying, "I don't know. I wasn't counting." And it was at that exact moment that our hearts shattered into a million pieces.

We can't help but note this guy's somewhat laughable douchebaggery. As this heartbroken gal describes what it was like to be repeatedly cheated on, he doesn't offer a solid reason for his adulterous actions. The icing on the cake of the entire emotional rollercoaster? Leonard ends in the most face-palm-worthy way a discussion like this could ever end — with the dreaded "F word" — as he expresses his hope that they'd remain good friends.

The internet was immediately captivated by the couple's video, immediately giving Kourtney the nickname #HurtBae and offering their candidly accurate reactions to the whole emotional fiasco.

Some were just downright drowning in tears.

Others were mostly flabbergasted at how much he cheated on Kourtney.

Some Twitter users really just wanted to hop through the screen to show Leonard what they're made of.

A few just couldn't handle how she still called him her "best friend."

And still a few others agreed with us that Leonard's last comment on wanting to stay friends was just too much to handle.

We're really hoping Kourtney a.k.a. Hurt Bae is on the road to recovery from this tumultuous train wreck of a conversation. As far as Leonard goes, he may want to move to a different country because it might be pretty challenging for him to find a date after this viral interaction.

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