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Who Is The Singing Dentist?

Meet The Dentist Making Oral Hygiene Fun For Everyone

Getting your teeth cleaned isn't exactly fun (except if you're me, but that's a different story), but one UK-based dentist is trying to change that--one song at a time.

Dr. Milad Shadrooh, also know as The Singing Dentist, is the owner and head dentist at Chequers Dental, and he strays from traditional practices to teach the important of oral hygiene to his patients. Rather than lecture on the importance of flossing or scold those who don't brush thoroughly enough, Dr. Shadrooh turns to tunes to relay his message.

Creating parodies of popular songs, Dr. Shadrooh rewrites lyrics to current hits to touch upon dental-must-dos like brushing twice a day, avoiding too many sweets, and avoiding plaque build-up.

"You might be gappy if you don't brush your teeth, for two minutes twice a day," he sings to the tune of Pharrell Williams' 'Happy.'

Singing about the confusion surrounding teeth whitening, he sings to the tune of Michael Jackson's 'Wanna be Starting Something': "You wanna do some teeth whitening? Don't do illegal teeth whitening. See your dentist for teeth whitening, cause you need some peroxide."

With a wife and two toddlers at home, we're sure its not just his patients who he keeps endlessly entertained. Having already appeared on a number of talk shows including Good Morning Britain and This Morning, his videos continue to gain popularity-- and so does his clinic. "It is [oversubscribed] now!!," he told The Sun. "I am getting messages from people all over the world wanting to come to my clinic! But I never intended for this to be a marketing exercise, it was purely to raise awareness and get people talking about their teeth! And to bring some fun into it! "

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