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Why Men in The UAE Stop Dating Women

49% of Men in the UAE Have Stopped Dating Women For This Reason

While it may be just a messy kitchen counter or a cluttered coffee table to you, for men in the UAE, that minor mess could be a deal-breaker.

According to a study by Service Market, 49 percent of men surveyed in the UAE have ended a relationship because the woman was too messy. Only 36 percent of women admitted to calling it quits for the same reason.

More than half of the respondents said that they'd be put off if someone they were going on a first-date with had a messy home, but can you blame them? First impressions really do matter...

Digging deeper into the mess, Service Market asked respondents what messy behavior irked them the most. The winner, not surprisingly, was lack of personal hygiene (70%), followed by having a dirty bathroom (64%). Weird smells in another person's home, expired food in their fridge, and dirty laundry laying around were also some of the top missteps than make potential significant others cringe.

Even those who are a bit messy seem to understand the importance of appearing tidy for the sake of a new relationship: 79 percent of people surveyed admitted to caring what others thought of their home, while 70 percent said that they have hidden dirty items out of sight when people came to their home.

See the complete findings below...but the bottom line is, it's a good idea to keep neat!

Image Source: Pexels
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