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Why You Shouldn't Rush Into Marriage

12 Reasons I'm in No Rush to Get Married

Wedding season is in full swing, and while everyone around me is either getting engaged or tying the knot, I'm not. Sure it would be nice to have people stop asking me "When are you getting married?" but that isn't reason enough for me to rush to the altar. I mean, I just landed my dream job, so first I need to establish my career, attain financial security, and then I can think about marriage. Not to mention, I still don't know how to cook a decent meal and I still live with my parents. Plus, who says my boyfriend is even ready for marriage? So while there are many perks to getting married in your 20s, I am in no hurry whatsoever to make such a huge commitment at this time in my life, and that's perfectly OK. Here are a few reasons I'm choosing not to get married anytime soon.

  1. I'm not where I want to be financially or in my career.
  2. I don't need a piece of paper to know that my partner is fully committed to me.
  3. I am still getting to know who I am.
  4. My boyfriend isn't ready.
  5. I want a better marriage than my parents.
  6. I can barely take care of myself, let alone a husband.
  7. I am not ready to start a family.
  8. I fear divorce.
  9. Weddings are expensive.
  10. I still need to learn how to cook a decent meal.
  11. I want to travel more.
  12. What's the rush?
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