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Woman Receives Bath Bomb With Ring Hidden Inside

This Guy Gave His Girlfriend a Bath Bomb With the Most Perfect Gift Hidden Inside

When Twitter user kassidyrun1 settled into her tub with a soothing bath bomb in hand, she was in for quite the surprise of a lifetime — and it was more than just the stunning blue color that her water turned. The lucky gal received the fizzy bomb from her boyfriend, which is a lovely gift as it is. Take notes, boys. Naturally, she documented the present on Snapchat, thus giving us all the #boyfriendgoals we'll ever need.

While enjoying her relaxing bath, she noticed that a mysterious object had floated to the water's surface . . .

She took a closer look, and could it be?!

That's right, ladies . . . the glorious bath bomb had a beautiful promise ring hidden inside!

Best. Bath. EVER! Rings encapsulated in bath bombs are actually a thing, thanks to the geniuses behind Pearl Bath Bombs. The company is totally switching up the gift-giving game by offering lusciously scented bath bombs with cute rings hidden inside. We might just buy ourselves one of these fun fizzies, because #treatyoself, am I right?

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