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Women in Saudi Arabia Teaching Each Other to Drive

Driving Lessons Are Harder on the Wallet For Women in Saudi Arabia but This Plan Won't Stop Them Learning

Saudi Arabian women may be ecstatic about the thought of driving starting this June, but they still have to pass a driving test – and it turns out that's a costly endeavor.

For those who have driving experience they need 30 hours of practical experience to just apply for a license, while women without any driving experience need 90 hours on the road before they can apply, reported Scoop Empire.

Considering that until this year, women were banned from driving, many Saudi women would have never gotten behind a wheel.

However, with lessons starting at SR60 – six times more than it costs men – women learning to drive is a lot more expensive than anyone anticipated.

That is until Hanaa ElDhafery came up with a brilliant idea. ElDhafery created the #مستعده_ادرب (I'm willing to train) hashtag to connect women who don't how to drive with women who can teach them. It prompted Tweets such as "My sister is telling you she is ready to teach (in Riyadh)," "I'm ready to teach for real," "In Riyadh, It would be my honor to help," "I'm willing but in Sharkeya and riyadh."

The result is really inspiring. So many females Tweeted back that they are ready to train women, from all over Saudi.

Others had all the feels.

Sima (@_isema_) said: Love you girls

Maria (@isupermary_): I'm going to cry girl You're all so amazing! I wish I can help, but summer course tho

@1deepdark said: the power of unity!

While @Berglijot_ said: "together hand in hand."

It is really heartening to see women support each other and band together to mobilize and make things happen. Now if only we can tackle movie ticket prices in the country to be accessible for all!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Mark Popovich
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