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World Happiness Council Launches in The UAE

The First World Happiness Council Just Launched in The UAE

Yesterday (which happened to be the day before International Day of Happiness), the first World Happiness Council launched right here in the UAE.

The Council, which was announced by the UAE's vice president and prime minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, will be headed by Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs, and will include 12 other members.

According to Sheikh Mo, the council will focus on six sectors: health, education, environment, personal happiness, happy cities and community standards for happiness. He Tweeted that the aim of the Council is "to support international goals to standardise happiness as a measure of development, as we are doing in the UAE."

Happiness has long been a focus in the UAE--last year, a Minister of Happiness was appointed to the country's government for the first time, and she even shared her best tips on how to live a happy life!

The new Council will launch a yearly Global Happiness Report during the World Government Summit, which will highlight the "best international practices being applied in the adoption of happiness and to celebrate the top government achievements made in this field," Gulf News reports.

"Our country has been founded based on pillars of happiness, charity, development, and positive openness to other cultures and peoples and we have succeeded in making happiness and positivity a lifestyle and a social culture," Sheikh Mo said at the Council's launch. "We want to join the international community in its sustained efforts to make the world a better place."

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