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World's Longest Iftar Table

This Country Just Broke the Record For World's Longest Iftar Table

For the Holy Month of Ramadan, people are breaking fast all over the world. Lebanon's break fast may be the most impressive of all, though, as they recently broke the world record for having the longest Iftar table on earth.

With an Iftar dinner called "Ramadan in the heart," Beirut-based non-profit organized Ajialouna-- which focuses on social, healthcare, and educational issues in Lebanon--hosted dinner at the longest Iftar table in the world.

Coming in at 2,184 meters long, 5,000 diners broke their fasts together on Beirut's waterfront on June 9.

Over 600 volunteers served food to the guests, which was donated by various restaurants across the country.

What was on the menu at this mega-feast? ASHARQ AL-AWSAT reports that guests were "treated to a meal of 10,000 roasted chickens, 5,600 meat pastries, 15,000 dates, as well as salads, rice dishes and the traditional "maamoul" dessert."

Sign us up for next year's Iftar!

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