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What to Say When Your Relatives Ask You About Marriage

These Are Some of the Best Responses to the Age-Old Question, “When Are You Getting Married?”

What to Say When Your Relatives Ask You About Marriage
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Holiday season is right around the corner, and you know what that means, ladies, it's time for your relatives to ask you your favorite question; "When are you getting married?".

I, personally, love the question. It makes me warm - so warm, in fact, that my face starts to go from pale white to a nice shade of reddish pink. All while my right hand suddenly begins to tense a bit, forming a nice little fist.

Fortunately, though, it looks like I'm not the only one. According to my good friend Reddit, there are others, hundreds, actually who have been asked the same question, a few times. They, like myself, have come up with a few great responses to the anger-inducing question. Below are a few of the best replies to the seemingly all too important inquiry.

"The bloodline ends with me" – NatureBeCrazy
Imagine if that were true…

"I'm waiting for my friends to go through their first round of divorces so, I can get a readout on their lessons learned" – Aumericanbaby
Same, tbh.

"Because, I don't want to be as miserable as you are" – Otterlysweet
Not a very sweet thing to say for someone with that username but, respect.

"I'm terminally single" – AngryTails
You're not the only one.

"Are you paying for it?" – Swimmingmonkey
Fair to question to ask, not going to lie.

If you'd rather not use any of the above comments, Reddit user "alwayscomplex", has a pretty simple solution, just don't go. Or, to quote "alwayscomplex" directly, "Not going to the family event, helps". That it does.

Because I'd imagine that your mom, dad, long lost aunt Susan, and Margaret from the building across the road will not be too happy with the answers provided above and, that you more than likely will not be able to cancel your family gathering, here are a few alternatives to try instead:

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