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3-Year-Old Singing Song From The Little Mermaid

This 3-Year-Old Sings "Part of Your World" Better Than the Little Mermaid Herself

Princess Ariel has captured the hearts of young Disney-lovers with her catchy tunes about "thingamabobs" and "dinglehoppers" for the past 25 years. But now, 3-year-old Claire Ryann is taking the Internet by storm with her angelic rendition of "Part of Your World," her favorite song from The Little Mermaid (which was her favorite movie, pre-Frozen era, of course). Using her dad's recording equipment, Claire expertly performs the song and manages a more beautiful rendition than Ariel herself.

Watch the video to hear her adorable voice for yourself, and stick around until the end to witness her post-recording celebration.

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