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Audi Car Ad Challenges Gender Stereotypes

Car Ad Featuring "Girl" and "Boy" Toys Challenged Gender Stereotypes in the Cutest Way

At the start of Audi Spain's new car ad you immediately see two toy aisles divided by pink and blue lights; on the pink side, dolls pushing strollers and putting on makeup, and on the blue side, cars and dump trucks and cranes. Sitting in a horse and carriage missing its driver, one of the dolls realizes she's not going anywhere fast without taking action — so she swings over to the "boy aisle" and finds her own ride. The Audi toy she chooses immediately opens up the passenger door for her, so the spunky doll shakes her head, walks around to the driver's side and takes off down the aisles, where she sees plenty of other toys pushing boundaries.

Then the lights come up in the toy store and people start flooding in before she can get the car and herself back to their designated places — but that doesn't matter to one little boy. Check out the awesome advertisement and see the way they challenge gender stereotypes above.

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