Watch 2 Babies Completely Lose It While "Chatting" on FaceTime

Although we can't understand our babies until they start speaking real words, it seems as though all little babes can communicate with each other just fine through their babbles. A viral video featuring two babies "chatting" over FaceTime has made its rounds on the internet, and for good reason — these kiddos completely lost themselves over the experience of talking to each other through a screen.

Ellen DeGeneres [1] saw the clip, and because everything she touches turns to gold, she managed to make the hilarious video even funnier by adding subtitles [2] to the babies' incoherent chatter. If you love watching cute babies doing equally cute things (or enjoy any type of shade thrown at The Bachelor [3] — you'll get it when you watch, we swear), then this video is going to make your day.

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