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Best After-School Snacks

19 Mouthwatering (and Healthy!) After-School Snacks That Won't Spoil Dinner

Best After-School Snacks

Typical scene: your kids have just finished up a busy day at school, and now they're ravenous. The trick is to give them something satisfying without them getting full before dinner. According to Sam Kass, executive director of Let's Move!, First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign to give all US children the opportunity to grow up healthy, the three hours between school and dinner is the most dangerous — and important — time of day for kids. During a call to discuss Let's Move's latest initiatives, Kass told us it's during this often unstructured time that kids are on their own to make food decisions, and without guidance, they often turn to chips and sugary snacks and drinks that fill them up and ruin their dinners.

It's also the period where parents are often at a loss as to what to serve their kids. So we turned to celebrity chefs to share their favorite after-school snacks. They're easy, and they're delicious — the perfect pick-me-ups after a whole day of classes and activities. Click on to check them out, but be careful: you will want to snack on them yourself. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Source: Flickr user Bruce Tuten

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