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5 Products That Helped My Newborn Sleep 12 Hours a Night by 10 Weeks

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Julia Van Arsdale

If there's anything I've learned since becoming a mom, it's that every baby and parent is different, and what works for one mom might not work for another. I know I was blessed with a semigood sleeper right from the beginning. Even early on, my husband and I were having to wake him up sometimes for a feeding (until my sister who is a mom of three basically told me I was nuts and to let me kid sleep if he wants to sleep!) That being said, once he was eight weeks old and still waking up every couple of hours, I knew it was time to do some research.

I was following @takingcarababies on Instagram and found her newborn tips insightful and nonjudgemental, so I decided to take her online newborn class. What I liked about this class was first, it's not sleep training! It's really just teaching you to calm a fussy baby. Second, it works for breastfeeding moms. And third, it explains the importance of a routine versus schedule. I learned a routine can help develop healthy sleep habits, and that eventually had our baby sleeping for eight hours, 10 hours, and now 12 hours a night. And while I encourage you to check out Cara's blog if you want some more tips on that, I will say that a big part of developing our own nighttime routine was about getting the right products to set us up for success. Here's what we used.

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