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Boy With Disabilities Gets to Ice Skate in His Stroller

Boy With Disabilities Got to Have an Ice Skating Experience His Dad Didn't Think Was Possible

When Doug De Luca and his family visited the Union Square ice skating rink in New York City, he was unsure if his son would be able to participate due to his disabilities. Doug watched his other kids skate by while he waited with Nicco, who doesn't walk or talk, until a woman named Janet approached the family and offered to take Nicco out on the ice.

After graciously accepting the offer, Janet, with the help of a young man named Chris, brought Nicco to the edge of the ice in his stroller. Chris then pushed him around and around the rink along with the other kids.

"You can see the joy in our son's face and in his laughter," Doug shared on Frank Somerville's Facebook page. "It is not often we see this type of compassion towards our son, and it touched us very deeply. On behalf of my family and friends we would like to send a big THANK YOU to all of these amazing and kind individuals."

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