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Boy Helping a Stranger Cross the Street During a Hail Storm

Everyone Can Learn From 1 Boy's Heartwarming Act Towards a Complete Stranger

Rick Rock was eating breakfast at Gracie's in Vallejo, CA, a father, Ken Ingersoll, and his son, Elvis, were sitting nearby. It began to hail, and when Elvis looked out the window, he saw a stranger with a walker out in the storm.

The boy immediately grabbed his umbrella and ran out to shield the elderly gentleman from the hail as he helped him safely cross the street and to his destination. Rick captured the incredibly sweet act on video and shared it on Facebook. "Good kids are still around, they just don't seem to be seen by the internet," he wrote.

Although the child wasn't doing it for viral fame — he was just helping out a man in need — his kind gesture deserves to be celebrated by those who see it.

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