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British Royal Family Mother's Day Traditions

5 Royal Family Mother's Day Traditions You Probably Do Too, and 1 You Definitely Don't

British Royal Family Mother's Day Traditions
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Mother's Day is on its way for us here in the States (it's on May 13 this year), but for our friends across the pond, it's already come and gone (it was on March 11 in the UK). And since the royal family is currently busy with all things royal wedding, you may not have noticed their very low-key celebrations.

In the UK, Mother's Day is traditionally known as Mothering Sunday because it revolves around church. And while the royals may go all out and have fancy photo ops for other church holidays like Christmas, Mother's Day is a lot quieter — they usually all stay out of the public eye. On this day, they're a lot more like us! Since they already celebrated, keep reading to find out exactly what they do to get inspiration for your own mom — or "mum!"

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