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Childline "Tough to Talk" Campaign Suicide Prevention Video

This Seemingly Silly Video of "Things Guys Don't Talk About" Has a Powerful Ending

The World Health Organization estimates that over 800,000 people commit suicide every year, leaving millions of others affected in some way as a result. Of those people, the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention reports that the victims of suicide are four times more likely to be males.

In a powerful video that's part of their "Tough to Talk" campaign, Childline, a free, private, and confidential service that seeks to help anyone under 19 in the UK with any issue they're going through, looks into a struggling teen's life. At first, the boy seems like a totally normal teenager as he eats peanut butter straight out of the jar, sprays day-old underwear to put on for a second time, and dances in front of the mirror to rap music.

It isn't until he's playing video games with a friend that anything seems remotely wrong. "Bro, just chill man," his friend says over a headset as they play. "I will smash you up," the boy shown responds. Throughout the rest of the clip, the boy's struggle becomes more apparent as he yells at himself in a mirror to "Shut up," agonizes over a selfie on his phone, and submerges himself fully in his bathtub.

He then attempts to text a friend for help, typing: "Mate, I know this is weird, but I'm having a real crap time at the moment. Don't know what to do. Feel like everyone would be better off if I . . . " However, he deletes the message and continues to suffer in silence, until he chooses to Google "suicidal thoughts" and finds Childline's support page offering to help.

"There are lots of things guys don't talk about, but if you're having suicidal thoughts, it's important to tell someone," the video's caption reads. "It can be tough to talk, but you're not alone and we can help you get through it."

If you or someone you know may be considering suicide, reach out to for information and hotline numbers.

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