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Cops Buy Out Girl Scout Cookies After Robbery

You Will Melt at the Heartwarming Thing Cops Did For a Girl Scout Member Who Was Robbed

What kind of thug would point a gun at girl scout and her mother, and take the money they made while selling cookies?...

Posted by Wayne Freedman on Thursday, February 9, 2017

A girl scout and her mother found themselves in a frightening situation when they were robbed at gunpoint while selling cookies outside of a grocery store in Union City, CA. Police said the alleged robber was wearing a black hoodie when he approached the two and pretended to be interested in purchasing cookies before getting away with all of their hard-earned cash. No arrests were made.

Heather Burlew-Hayden, spokeswoman of Girl Scouts of Northern California, told ABC 7 News that the mother and daughter were "very emotional" following the scary incident. "Very concerned about the safety of other people doing this," she added. The shocking news not only upset locals in the area, but also members of the Union City police department.

"I mean, we see all kinds of awful things, but this is horrible. This is bad," said officer Lisa Gratez. To combat the senseless robbery, Union City police officers brought out several boxes of Girl Scout cookies in a heartwarming act of kindness. In total, the police department raised almost $600. "At that time, we did what we could to make it, loving and compassionate and healing," Graetz told ABC 7 News.

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