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Crying Nintendo Kid Video From 1988

Dad's Video of Himself Crying Over a Nintendo in 1988 Is Going Mega Viral

On Christmas morning, 1996, I opened the gift that would change my life forever: a Nintendo 64 gaming system, which came with the iconic Super Mario 64. Then, on March 8, 1997, I received Mario Kart 64, for my seventh birthday (while sporting a Goosebumps t-shirt and some seriously awful home-cut bangs — see horrendous photo below as proof). Both occasions are ones I remember well and fondly, and as a grown up Nintendo-lover who still plays Mario Kart weekly, they are moments in time that make me really nostalgic for the 90s and all the times I had playing Nintendo both alone and with friends or cousins.

Steve Bassoli, who has become an internet sensation basically overnight thanks to a 1988 home video he posted to YouTube of himself receiving a Nintendo as a child, surely understands this feeling of nostalgia well. Having found the 29-year-old footage after all this time, Steve decided to share the video in a small sub-Reddit in late November. After posting it to a larger sub-Reddit following the advice of his brother, Kyle — who is also featured in the old video, but isn't nearly as emotional or enthused as Steve — the video went completely viral, garnering over 1 million views in just about a day.

Steve said in an interview with a local news station in Connecticut that though he was very embarrassed upon uploading the video, he got a lot of positivity from people on the internet (because who doesn't love an '80s throwback?!).

Here's hoping that "Crying Nintendo Kid" has as legendary an impact on the world as Screaming Nintendo 64 Kid (not to be confused with me, Awkward Bangs Nintendo 64 Kid).

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Alessia Santoro
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