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Dad Attempts His Daughter's Gymnastics Moves

Dad Bonds With Daughter By Trying (and Failing) to Mimic Her Gymnastics Moves

We love a heartwarming daddy-daughter bonding session, and one particular duo is chock-full of them — but theirs take a slightly different spin than what we've seen in the past. Ash and Alex are the adorable father-daughter pair behind the viral Instagram account, my_gym_dad, which has garnered more than 177,000 followers to date. Among the sweet videos and pictures that document Alex's gymnastics-filled life are clips of her dad attempting to mimic her routines (keyword: attempting).

Whereas she nails each split and twirl with impeccable grace, his efforts are just slightly more cumbersome. The results are utterly hilarious as Ash flips, flops, and flails all over the place. Honestly, we're a little concerned for this dude's back, but hey, it's still pretty darn entertaining. Ahead, see Ash try to pull off some of Alex's exercises and revel in their cute relationship that could melt even the coldest of hearts.

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