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Dad Makes Breakfast For His Ex on Mother's Day

Dad Makes Mother's Day Breakfast For His Ex to Set Example For His Kids

My ex made me breakfast.

More and more separated and divorced moms and dads are coming forward with examples of how coparenting should be done with an ex. One dad in the UK totally nailed it when he texted his ex to come over on his weekend with their two sons, as he'd made her a full English breakfast to celebrate Mother's Day.

The couple, which had only split up six weeks before, was likely still working through the kinks of coparenting, but this mom's ex, Zak, seems to be making it clear that he wants the best for her and their children regardless of their feelings toward each other. "This morning for the first time in 12 years I woke up on Mother's Day without my sons, as they were with their Dad," the mom wrote in a post to Imgur. "I was a touch emotional when my ex text me, told me to come to his at 11 a.m. I walked in to him cooking me this, flowers, chocolates, and a card."

However, this mom doesn't want everyone to think that acts of kindness like this one can only come from an ex you have an amicable relationship with. "Zak, I know you lurk on here and I also know you hate my guts right now," she wrote. "But you got over it to show our sons how to treat their Mum on Mother's Day."

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