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Dad Pranks Daughters About Car Parts

Dad Completely Trolled His Girls by Asking Them to Buy "Blinker Fluid"

Dad's 'blinker fluid' prank is perfect

He should have asked for a left handed screwdriver as well 😂

Posted by VT on Friday, April 7, 2017

Rodney Hebert is raising his three girls to know everything vital about car parts, but he's doing it in a pretty nontraditional way: by pranking them. With two of his daughters in tow, Hebert drives to the auto part shop and asks them to go in and ask for some "blinker fluid" and a "bucket of steam" for the family car, to which hilarity ensues.

In a video shared by Viral Thread, the girls are seen coming out of the shop laughing, and as they pile into the car Hebert's oldest daughter screams, "We look like idiots!" As the dad tries his hardest to stifle hysterical laughter, his daughter continues, sharing, "There's no such thing as 'blinker fluid!'"

His clearly embarrassed kids handle the trolling like champs though, which is a true testament to Hebert's parenting. As the girls reflect on the shop's employees attempting not to laugh at them too hard, they themselves are in hysterics over the fact that they were gullible enough to follow their funny dad's instructions.

Dad - 1; girls - 0.

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