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Dad Turns Onesie Into NASA Spacesuit

Dad Turned Baby's Onesie Into a Spacesuit Will Crack You Up

When Ben Brucker's 4-month-old daughter, Maya, was having trouble sleeping, he and his wife purchased a Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit to help her sleep through the night, but because of its hilariously puffy design, Ben took it one step further and turned the onesie into a spacesuit. Ben posted the images to Imgur, where he explained that he's on paternity leave and because his wife has returned back to work, he managed to sneak the patches into the house and transform the getup into an actual spacesuit. His mom was in town and helped him sew on the patches in the hopes that Maya can sleep better and have some out-of-this-world dreams in her suit.

"I'm now on paternity leave for a few weeks, and my wife is back to work," he told ABC News. "She's been a bit stressed, and we are extremely sleep deprived, so I did this entirely to make her laugh. I wanted to turn something that was stressing us out into something that makes us smile."

Ben did that and so much more. Although Maya didn't know why her dad was laughing so hard, when his wife came home from work, she was completely surprised by the hilarious spacesuit. The couple had previously joked that Maya's spacesuit was going to send her to the moon in her dreams, but Ben's creativity is making that dream come true with her new NASA gear.

While my wife was at work today, I had some fun modding our daughter's Magic SleepSuit.
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