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Dad Wears Medicine Ball During CrossFit Workout

With a Medicine Ball Taped to His Stomach, 1 Dad Found Out How Tough Being Pregnant Is

Being pregnant is no easy feat — along with things like morning sickness, food aversions, swollen ankles, and the hormone overhaul, there's one other small, teeny detail: the giant baby bump. In solidarity with his pregnant wife, Blake Milchuck strapped a medicine ball to his stomach before his CrossFit workout and realized that Kristin (and all pregnant women, really) is kind of a badass for continuing to work out throughout her pregnancy.

In a video posted to Instagram by his CrossFit gym in Chesapeake, VA, Blake can be seen doing push-ups, using a rowing machine, jumping, and riding a stationary bike all with the medicine ball bouncing in front of him, weighing him down (and with Kristin critiquing his form off to the side). As he's doing a push-up, his trainer asks from behind the camera, "How does that feel, Blake?" His response? "Not good."

Blake now kind-of-a-little-bit knows what his wife has been going through, but he admitted to USA Today's For The Win that "taping a 14-pound medicine ball is not in comparison to what she's done in carrying the baby for the past 37 weeks."

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