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Death Metal Music Dubbed Over Peppa Pig

This NSFW Song Dubbed Over Peppa Pig Is Absolutely Hilarious

Ahh, Peppa Pig, a show that kids collectively love and parents adamantly can't stand. Between the awkward and constant snorting, continuous offensive references to Daddy Pig's weight, and the annoying freakin' narrator who never hits a period, the show is a miss for most parents — but for whatever reason, kids are obsessed.

Luckily for all of us in the "Can't Stand Peppa" corner, someone on Twitter dubbed over a scene of the show with death metal band Bring Me the Horizon's NSFW song, "Antivist," and it's absolutely hilarious. In the scene, Peppa's friends are talking about what kind of music they like when one explains that they aren't fans of children's music (the one thing we've ever had in common with Peppa Pig characters). When he asks Peppa what kind of tunes she enjoys, the little piglet says: "I like this. It's very grown-up."

As Peppa hits play on her cartoon boom box and "Antivist" starts blasting, she begins doing the dance to "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" (the song that actually plays in the scene), and we promise you won't be able to help laughing. Watch the video above — without your kids — and enjoy a brief moment of relief from the numbness that comes with watching episode after episode of this ridiculous kid's show.

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