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The Difference Between Mom's Bump With Twins and One Baby

The Difference Between 1 Mom's Pregnancies That Is "Downright Shocking"

Twins vs. One Baby

One of the things that pregnant women hate most is when someone comments on their bump size and asks if they're having twins — especially when there's only one baby in there. But what most people fail to remember is just how large twin bumps can actually be.

Although it makes sense — double the babies would require twice as much space — few realize what a major difference it is. Although Natalie Bennett isn't sharing anything surprising, this vlogger's recent video comparing her bump sizes is going viral because it showcases what people know but barely see: just how much more mom actually grows when she's pregnant with two babies instead of one.

The expecting mom created a video with clips showcasing her bumps from when she was 36 weeks pregnant with her 2-year-old twins and the same time during her recent pregnancy with one baby. Seeing the difference side-by-side makes you want to give an extra shout out to moms of multiples and their incredible bodies!

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