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If Eating Was Like Breastfeeding Video

Watch What Happens If Moms Were Judged For Eating the Way They Are For Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding moms, is there anything worse than the demonic stares you receive when you're publicly feeding your baby? Strangers approach moms who breastfeed their children in public as if they just committed a horrific crime by taking their breasts out to provide their children with the necessary nutrients they need to survive. To combat this, the funny moms at CafeMom put a new spin on breastfeeding shaming by imagining what it would be like if people eating were treated like breastfeeding babies, and it's going to put everything in perspective.

Watch the video above and witness the side-eye looks filled with judgment as one mom just tries to eat her lunch — the same way babies need to be fed.

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