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Funny Parenting Fails

15 Times Mom and Dad Screwed Up (and Everything Turned Out Fine)

Funny Parenting Fails

Sometimes bad things happen to good parents, leaving us to feel — for the moment — completely and totally inept. In the first year, it can happen in the form of forgetting to bring diapers for a day out on the town (I speak from experience). Down the road, your normally guarded-like-a-hawk toddler can find his way into a bag of chocolate chips, and, well, the rest is history. And once they hit preschool and have a few hours on their own every day? Well, there's no telling how Mom and Dad's influence will manifest itself.

Because it's (almost) impossible to raise a child without a sense of humor, we don't deny the fact that every now and then, these things happen. We embrace it. Case in point, the following 15 hilarious (and totally forgivable) real-life incidents.

Source: Instagram user luccalovedit

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