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Gifts For Active Kids

20 Awesome Gifts For Your Adventure-Seeking Child

Gifts For Active Kids

When I was a little girl, my parents would help me put on my roller blades, but they knew that they'd likely be coming right off in the next 15 minutes. Then, I'd manage to play a game of HORSE, ride my bike around the block, and pretend I knew how to play lacrosse all within the span of an hour. If this sounds one of your Saturday afternoons at home with your child, then this gift guide is here to help.

Finding holiday gifts for your children may not seem hard considering they can find the fun in just about anything, but the issue is finding a gift for your child that they won't be bored of within 15 minutes. From one former short attention-spanned child to the parent who has no more room in the toy closet, these 20 gifts will not only keep your active child entertained, but they're totally awesome for the kid who loves adventure!

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